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A hospital visit is on nobody’s wishlist yet sometimes it is unavoidable. One of the most important decisions one has to make is choosing a hospital. Nowadays, people have much greater access to a hospitals internal data and information as compared to earlier. However there are challenges to this flow of information. Which hospital to choose and why, becomes a difficult yet crucial decision. Here are a number of factors to take into account while making a choice.

1. Check for quality:

Check if the hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). The JCI works to improve patient safety and quality of health care in the international community. It offers education, publications, advisory services, and international accreditation and certification. Hundreds of health care organisations and hospitals have achieved the Gold Seal of Approval® as JCI-accredited entities. JCI has partnered with academic medical centers, primary care providers and hospitals to support their quest for excellence. For non JCI hospitals, find out if the hospital truly works to improve its own quality of facilities and work                                                                   .Gold seal of the JCI logo

2. Degree of emergency and convenience:

In case of an emergency, the best bet is to choose hospitals closest to home that are equipped to handle the problem. Accessibility is an important factor in the selection of hospitals. Travel or commuting is exhausting, and therefore avoidable. To add to it, would be the strain on the patients family and friends to support the process. So, choose convenience of travel too when you are considering all options. For a patient from Bangladesh, India may be a better option than the US or Singapore, given the distance.                                                    Lady feeling unwell eyes closed holding her head

3. Effective patient care facility:

Another important factor in patient care is the quality of facilities available to treat the disease. An hospital where the patient needs to be rushed to a nearby diagnostic centres for tests? Definitely not a great option. How about availability of internal blood banks for a surgical case? Or would you need to go to a different blood bank to make arrangements? Family members of patients who need blood, rushing around to get things in place, rarely appreciate the hassle. So understand and evaluate the facilities available in hospitals to treat the disease. In such cases it is wise to opt for a multi or super speciality hospitals.                                                                                MRI Machine

4. Support staff:

The hospital stay is not only difficult for the patient but for his family as well. Hence a good and supportive staff is important. Well trained nurses who are willing to keep you informed. Checks and balances for visitors. Regular updates from treating doctors. All these can help ease ones concerns. You can refer to patient testimonials and reviews from the internet or consult your family physician to guide you through the process.                         Smiling nurse checking blood pressure of smiling elderly female patient

5. Affordability:

Good hospitals may not necessarily weigh heavy on your pocket. Good care should not mean undue fleecing under pretext of special care. Try and opt for hospitals which are covered by your insurance company. If your insurance coverage is inadequate, then opt for a hospital with fewer “five star” amenities. Choose by the quality of medical care, treatment and hygiene.                                                                                                    Hospital billing statement with PAST DUE stamped on it

6. Patient reviews and testimonials: 

The most reliable recommendations come from other happy patients. Search the internet for reviews and patient testimonials. Or use websites like Hospitaliz which is a online hospital review and rating app. This would definitely help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of any healthcare providers

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